**coming from someone who is helping her husband with the emotional and research support with the custody of his son.***

I don’t think it should be looked at if its a man or woman. Both do it either way. Fathers pain comes from the fact the courts are not willing to do anything about the crap she gives you. Some people get their justice and some don’t. Some pay a lot of money to lawyers and opt to cash advance and other forms of credit. Of course, if you do – you should stick to reputable online loan companies like Even with bad credit you can get a loan there. But enough about loans. Back to our question. Some women do it some men do it. It just depends on the person doing it. Not one single case is the same. If it was, it would be much easier for the judges to make more solid decisions. Just remember, if you are TRULY right and deserve custody or your visitation etc… Always act like it too. With all the hatred in your words about it, its just gonna hold you back more. Its ok to be upset about your situation, but its no reason to find fault with every person you meet. Like that one girl who helps her husband/boyfriend, just like me. Do i or any other woman (supportive of their men and their problems) deserve to be shot down just because other women or your woman is doing what they are doing to you?

I remember watching talk shows where one person is gay or a freak or something out of the normal everyday life as we know it (or want to know it) someone or all people in the audience comment to how you “ruin it for all men (or women)” WHY is that? They are one person, they do not and should not affect what you think of other men or women. Did i make any sense, lol.