Take another person into court

Is there no way you can take another person into court to validate your position/statements? It does appear that women tend to use the abuse allegation(s)and visitation(or lack thereof) in their favor w/o thinking of the effect it has on the children. My ex tried to use my children (blackmail) as pawns to get sole custody by alleging domestic abuse(which never occurred). The judge saw through the ploy but not until I had spent a night in jail and spent $5000 to defend myself.

Why can’t the ex’s just get past their anger at us and begin to concentrate on co-parenting the children with us.

Your situation really worries me because the court system is allowing the “angry” ex-spouses to poison our children and allowing emotional abuse to continue.

this is just wrong!!!!!!!!! and the children suffer for the guilty parents stupidity, greed, ignorance, self-centered attitude and court approved emotional abuse.

Sorry to rant and rave but the whole purpose of the “family court system” is to look out for the “BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILDREN”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish the judges/courts would worry less about keeping their jobs and start doing their jobs!

thanks for the time

good luck