Injustice from the Top

this may be an appropriate time to add this historical commentary:

The filth at the top seeps to the bottom.

Robert P. George, professor of jurisprudence at Princeton wrote: ‘But even “good” liars sometimes get caught. And he was caught lying under oath in an effort to ward off the disgrace of a tawdy affair with a White House intern in the precincts of the Oval Office. The result was his impeachment and an unprecedented — and uncontested– citation for contempt of court.’

How can we be so surprised when mothers of our children make false accusations and testimonies! If the President tried, hell, why respect the law at all?

But it should be noted above all that impeachment and his fine for contempt of court were for CRIMES AGAINST THE ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE.’ Thus what could we reasonably expect from a lowly judge in some local family court? A contempt for justice — naturally seeping down from his top superiors.

Many of the dads in family court have observed and been subjected to the injustices, which frequently do not serve the children’s need for both parents. This must change, because the filth and immorality from our government have inflicted terrible damage to our sons and daughters.