If you have any kind of “joint” custody arrangement

If you have any kind of “joint” custody arrangement you could file an Emergency Ex-parte motion to stop the stuptidy. That is what i had to do to my ex.

She tried to move my boys 3 hours away to her boyfriends house just 3 days before school. We had Joint legal/Physical. The only way I found out was that i am very active in my boys lives and called to set up a time to meet for school open-house. That is when she informed me of her plans.She wasn’t going to tell me until it was too late!

Moral: Stay in touch and call an attorney immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If she moves with your daughter she can claim that she has become integrated into her new surroundings and it may be very hard and expensive to get her back.

Good luck

You need to stay strong for your daughter

It makes me mad when one parent thinks they could have produced their child(ren) without the other parent.